David Owen Morgan

Interaction Designer. Here’s what I’ve been doing on the Internet:

8 minute paradigm shift on dance: Jamie xx Sleep Sound http://bit.ly/1rdxtFv

The mobile phone un-begets the phone booth & its directory, un-begetting landlines to beget house swapping Airbnb cause who cares who's home

"Yo's new Index feature is a land without law." -- @Rishi_NK

Remembering Path sudddenly http://bit.ly/1sHvTh3


Today I committed some background thinking to 'Why does Rodolph's nose glow red?' as I have a new red pimple at the end of my nose, glowing.

Yesterday, in Folkestone, a leather faced red neck yelled out his car "go home posh wankers" at @sally_flower and I. #finallymadeit

Windswept coast ride. @ Dymchurch beach http://bit.ly/1oPYE81

First I've seen of this kind of parking "target" rather than perimeter delineated space. So loose and free. http://bit.ly/1r5Krm3

Thankful this week for the few daily hrs I get back now the Tour de France is over.