David Owen Morgan

Interaction Designer. Here’s what I’ve been doing on the Internet:

Pressing the buttons felt like applying eye makeup not drilling a hole in the wall… I have to remember to put it down.

Joanne McNeil in iPhone Dreams (Medium)

…but there’s no sticker on the box: As imagined by William Gibson!

Robin Sloan in The Kindle wink (Medium)

Squander loose time on expanding your ideas, even if you’re sure they’re perfect or useless.

Cennydd Bowles in Letter to a Junior Designer (A List Apart)

Adding rope to Amazon cart unlocks bondage level: http://bit.ly/1iw2obB

Like the modular phone itself, choice is much better in theory than it is in practice.

Building blocks: how Project Ara is reinventing the smartphone (the Verge)


“Chrome’s tired” #newaesthetic #glitch http://bit.ly/1gPeuaW

… no existing body of data will ever be large enough to include all the trigrams that people might use, because of the continuing inventiveness of language.

Eight (No, Nine!) Problems With Big Data (NYT)

Dr. Goldstein’s Plato starts his tour at Google because she thinks that tech entrepreneurs ‘may be the new philosopher kings,’ she says. ‘They are the new elite.’

What is the purpose of life? Philosopher Rebecca Newberger Goldstein imagines what Plato would say in our modern age (WSJ)