David Owen Morgan

Interaction Designer. Here’s what I’ve been doing on the Internet:


“Chrome’s tired” #newaesthetic #glitch http://bit.ly/1gPeuaW

… no existing body of data will ever be large enough to include all the trigrams that people might use, because of the continuing inventiveness of language.

Eight (No, Nine!) Problems With Big Data (NYT)

Dr. Goldstein’s Plato starts his tour at Google because she thinks that tech entrepreneurs ‘may be the new philosopher kings,’ she says. ‘They are the new elite.’

What is the purpose of life? Philosopher Rebecca Newberger Goldstein imagines what Plato would say in our modern age (WSJ)

I just ran 26.2 mi @ a 9'05"/mi pace with Nike+. http://bit.ly/1ieNcvC #nikeplus

Days before @parismarathon. A tremendous quiet's hushed over me. New kind of focus. Feel ready to feel things deeply all the way to the end.

Pushing on @windowsphone platform styles with non-native but still-at-home custom controls: http://bit.ly/1iiaQJ1 http://bit.ly/1oqzQ8d

Spotify’s social discovery stuff is proving best in class, but also ECHO CHAMBERS! FILTER BUBBLES! “HELLLO OOOUUUTTT THEERRREEE… HEELLOO…”

Mondays… http://bit.ly/1fFzils