David Owen Morgan

Interaction Designer. Here’s what I’ve been doing on the Internet:

Chinese smartphone shipments will only increase by about 10% next year, compared to 64% in 2013.

The world’s largest mobile phone market is on the verge of becoming totally saturated (Quartz)

How many unicode characters does an emoji use in an SMS? More than one, I've only just realized.

Playing some of the best ping pong OF MY LIFE today. Relaxed, focussed, fierce, lean, and hungry.

Soon, our objects will reshape themselves

Matias Duarte in Google Is About To Take Over Your Whole Life, And You Won’t Even Notice (FastCo)

My symbol tells my story. #BelongAnywhere http://bit.ly/1jAKR5a

This guy is awesome! #BelongAnywhere http://bit.ly/1yvrpKB

Hey @satyanadella, the suspense is killing our #productivity! Ping me an email, let me know what's up, boss.

*Of course* material design wireframe templates are using hipster ipsum

A test to show whether novice or expert users are more likely to engage in conversations when suppressed a level in the IA.

Hypothesis addressing low user engagement with feedback controls — like, comment, not interested. People don’t have strong opinions about apps they don’t already know or care about.

By better focussing people on primary action (download) at top level browse, can we promote engagement with more of what users actually want to see?

Badge conversations (as in 2) and push down a level to retain expert users involved in the conversation.

Protest at Google I/O possibly over battery performance?